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The Appartamenti Belvedere is a great starting point to visit the Gargano in his wonderful and unique natural beauty. We list some of them, Tremiti Islands with its crystal clear sea, the sea caves, the forests of Umbria with its orchids are unique in the world, Monte Sant’Angelo with its old town and the church of San Michele a place of pilgrimage since the Crusaders , and finally and not least with the holy San Giovanni Rotondo, 900, St. Pio of Pietrelcina.
Tour of Sea Caves: Daily starting (with optimal weather conditions) from the port of Peschici-landing at 09.00 am comfortable motorboats to visit the caves of the coast of the Gargano. This is a classic excursion for visitors, here you will discover the extraordinary beauty of our land, the shape of the rock overlooking the sea and white postcard coves and beautiful “sea caves”. The walk is pleasant after the first part until lunchtime, you stop in the famous bay of San Felice (the Bay of San Felice, enclosed between two ridges dotted with thick pine woods, is one of the bays most ‘suggestive. to make this lends the Architiello, a ridge extensively drilled, placed at its entrance as a portentous triumphal arch. legend has it that it was built by sea nymphs and Tritons in July to accommodate Neptune, king of the sea, on a pleasure trip with his wife Amphitrite, and bestow honors and celebrations.) Here is the opportunity to take a dip or a meal, after a ‘hour we leave for the visit and return to finish the route for the return arrival to Peschici 16.00 approx.
A Trip to Monte Sant’Angelo and San Giovanni Rotondo: This excursion can ‘easily do in a day, starting early in the morning, and the direction to follow the road (road 89 Direct. Vieste) to the “Foresta Umbra” (20 Km) to the junction of the middle joint of the forest will continue with the signs for Monte Sant ‘Angelo, 30 km., situated at an altitude about 800 meters. by l.m. And ‘the more load Garganico center of history and tradition and owes its development to the late fifth century when, according to tradition, the Archangel Michael appeared in a cave. The Lombards, who at that time ruled in southern Italy, made it their national shrine. Soon became renowned throughout Christendom and a fixed destination, not only for pilgrims from all over Europe, but also for the Crusaders departing for Jerusalem, for popes and sovereigns. You enter the sanctuary, stopping for a long, wide staircase. The doors are bronze and was made in Constantinople in 1076, on behalf of the noble Pantaleone of Amalfi. The altars and the images that adorn them, are carved in the same rock of the cave. On the central altar, however, stands the white and wonderful marble statue of Andrea Sansovino, and the sanctuary, the bishop’s chair sculpted on stone of the twelfth century. After the morning the village of “Archangel you can ‘go towards the nearby town of” Padre Pio “.- In the green San Giovanni Rotondo in the Gargano National Park and leaning on the heights of the hills near the Bald Mountain, the city St. John’s is set in the middle of a beautiful natural setting. Going back in time to discover the origins of this town, go back to the year one thousand. It was founded on the ruins of a pre-existing village of the fourth century A. C., of this village are still visible signs, such as tombs and an ancient circular baptistry was dedicated to the cult of Janus, later dedicated to Saint John. The city experienced ups and downs, until in 1916 it reached the then very young Padre Pio. Since then, the city’s name is inextricably linked to that of the Friar of Pietrelcina, who with his prayer, he renewed the message of faith, spreading throughout the Catholic world. He dedicated his life to serving the Church, promoting the creation of the Prayer Groups, and the creation of charitable works, first of all the Hospital “House for the Relief of Suffering”, by Padre Pio himself called “Temple of Prayer and Science “. Opened May 5, 1956, the hospital has for a decade, recognized Institute Hospital and the Medical Research and has over a thousand beds. The historical center of St. John, is a part of the city in its own right, for those accustomed to frequent for the holy places connected with the cult of Padre.
The archipelago of Tremiti “The islands of the Park”: The excursion is a trip to the Tremiti must for tourists on holiday in Peschici, from the harbor every morning at 09.00 the ferries depart for the islands with direct line, the travel time is an hour and a half, the return is 17.30 for the gold. Known since antiquity as “Diomedee islands”, are linked to the legend of the mythical greek hero Diomedes, who landed on the coast of the Gargano and select these lands as his home. Tremiti Archipelago consists of four islands, St. Domino greater in size and population, is covered by a thick pine forest of Aleppo and lush Mediterranean vegetation. The natural cavities of the small island you can visit with trips organized by local Peschiciermen or by renting a boat, “the cave of Violets,” the cave of the “Bue Marino” and that of the “Swallows” are the most ‘famous. The island of St. Nicholas is the historical and administrative center of the archipelago, to see the Abbey with walls still intact make a real monument to the sea. The only one of Capraia is located north of the island of St. Nicholas, is wild and uninhabited rocks are covered with a vegetation of bushes thistles, capers and mugwort. The Crevasse, no bigger than a rock, is distinct for its yellowish color due to the clayey nature of the land, even here there is vegetation .. The visitor will be impressed with the color of the sea, if you have time and skills you can immerse yourself in the depths of the “Islands” and admire the unique marine habitats of the archipelago “legendary.”


The Gargano National Park – The Umbra Forest was established December 6, 1991 The National Park of Gargano. A park is not created or invented: it simply recognizes that a particular area has special characteristics in need of protection. And Gargano has many reasons to be safeguarded. It is indeed an extraordinary mosaic of biological and environmental situations concentrated in a narrow territory. On this island, biological, surrounded by sea and by the table, there is a high degree of biodiversity on this 0.7% of the country is about 33% of plant species and breed Italian 170 of the 237 species of birds nested in Italy. This comes from the exceptionally rich variety of ecosystems that are followed, making Italy an area of ​​Spur naturally “suited” to be a National Park. Many of the 2,000 plant species are endemic to the Gargano (exclusive) of the territory and very rare. A particularly unique in Italy is represented by the presence of beech in the lowest altitudes (less than 300 m). This tree species is favored by the particular climate of Gargano that ensures abundant rainfall in late spring. The beech forests Gargano, vegetation below the “normal” 800 m, are called beech depressed. The Beech Forest is the heart of Umbria, but here as elsewhere it is associated with the presence of lime, maple, Cerri, Lecci, Carpini, Olmi, rates … Often these species are characterized by a rise out of the ordinary (macrosomatismo) and many specimens are centuries old: it is the case with many rates and beech Umbra and Holm-known of the Capuchin Monastery of Vico. There are also numerous species of undergrowth: cyclamen, violets, holly, hawthorn, wild apple, ivy … Endemic plants of the Gargano, among others, of the SCABOS Dallaporta the Inula candida, Campanula Gargano, the Rockrose of Schleis. Significant presence of Orchids: there are nearly 100 species.

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